A true life

A true life

I always wanted a true, unpretentious life filled with happiness, harmony and purpose. But somehow I took so many turns and detours, that I caused myself more anguish than simplicity – most of the time! Over the years various stints were  part of my journey to find that point of arrival where I can call my life — TRUE.

So what was it exactly that I saw in my mind’s eye? A free spirit surrounded by beautiful things…music, art, books,nature …   a type of sophisticated “hippie mom” with my children, husband and dogs! Not so easy if you always feel that you are not quite good-enough. And worse – if you even doubt your own likes, dislikes and style!

Well, only when my husband and I moved to an isolated African village in the Kalahari dessert, where rubbish, mistreated animals, poverty, drought and intense heat, became our reality, did I find my TRUE LIFE.

This is my journey to a true and simple life through horrendous mistakes, many days of regret and tears. Hopefully it can inspire you to push through to that REAL TRUE YOU – although I have not nearly arrived and learn and grow as I travel …..

Join me.

3 thoughts on “A true life

  1. I knew it was coming – long overdue – the wisdom you have been endowed with – I look forward walking further with you. Your unpretentious self has been an inspiration to me already. Perhaps you will help me find my real me too. Enjoy the journey.

  2. Sprakeloos…
    Ek hoor jou gees…
    Ek sien jou siel….
    … jy is braaf…
    Waarheid maak mens mooi…het jou mooi gemaak… jy is beautiful!!!
    …..deursigtigheid wen harte….so maak jy stukkie vir stukkie God se kleipotte weer heel…
    Hy glimlag stil-tevrede oor jou!!!
    Ek reis graag saam met jou….

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