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Month: January 2017

Start – just start now!

Start – just start now!

It is a brand new year and most likely you’ve made a list of resolutions. Not a bad idea- but lets really start fresh and new. Let’s create our own beauty in 2017 and make this year our great revolution. Well, I have to. You see, I have to make sense of my life here, with all the challenges. I have 25 steps towards my beauty and will share it with you. To be honest, I need encouragement and advice, and my plans are not all that clear and in place- but lets go!

My aim for 2017:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Health
  3. Harmony
  4.  Purpose
  5. Growth

What is yours? How do you want to live? Have a cup of coffee and just sit and think about it. There must be a picture or a feeling, you dream of.

My 25 steps to Beauty:


  1. Sort out your clothes
  2. Tidy your kitchen cupboards
  3. Get rid of ALL the clutter in your home
  4. Tidy up!
  5. Make your surroundings tidy, organised and pretty


  1. Eat good and tasty meals that you love
  2. Eat regularly at a beautifully set table
  3. Eat fruits, salads and vegetables
  4. Do exercise that you enjoy
  5. Take good care of your skin, hair and body ( lose weight if necessary)



  1. Listen to calming music
  2. Light candles in the evening
  3. Keep plants and fresh flowers in your home
  4. Spend time by yourself to sit, think and appreciate
  5. Make your spirituality a priority


  1. Be generous and supporting towards your loved ones
  2. Do the best you can in your chosen career
  3. Plan your days and weeks ahead
  4. Spend time on contemplating actions and decisions
  5. Do what you believe in and do not follow popular trends


  1. READ! – a lot
  2. Practise hobbies that interests you
  3. Learn new skills
  4. Be interested in the world and developments
  5. Always rethink believes and presumptions

I suppose now we have to start by being practical. Share your ideas, aims and advice.